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Legal evidence provided by K9s, admissible in SA Courts or not?

Most of us have heard about the anti poaching dogs, explosive or drug sniffing dogs and a host of other specially trained hard working K9s. Have you ever thought about whether the danger they face, the years of the training and hard work pays off in a court of law? Is their evidence admissible? According […]

Introducing the Adventures of “The Muttley Crew”

Meet the Team – Part Two The other two members of the Muttley Crew live with their mum Jess and dad Leroy (our resident photographer) on a nearby farm, and enjoy almost daily playdates and adventures with the others. Aragon, AKA Arry, Barry, Basil, Lumps, or anything but NOT Harry, is a five-year-old Jack Russell […]

K9 Adventures and keeping them SAFE

With most striving to live a healthier lifestyle, the focus on outdoor exercise such as hiking, running, cycling and rollerblading to name a few, is at an all time high. Added to this, most outdoor enthusiasts LOVE dogs and take their K9s on their adventures with them. Why use Safety Clothing? Just like humans, dogs […]

Introducing the Adventures of “The Muttley Crew”

Meet the Team – Part One DogOnline is proud to present our own team of quality control specialists. The Muttley Crew will test a range of RDD products on as many awesome adventures as their hooman families can manage, we will post videos, photos and give first hand reviews on how the products work for […]

The Africanis – the Dog of Africa

Often named as a mongrel, “soweto special”, mutt and other more unsavoury names, the Africanis is in fact a landrace breed, endemic to southern Africa with a proven lineage going back at least 7,000 years. The appearance of the Africanis can vary a little, depending on what prevailing types of dogs survived and bred in […]

The Boerboel – SA’s answer to a Mastiff

Owning Boerboel is not for the faint of heart or novice dog owner. Their sheer size and weight alone dictates a need for confidence. Standing up to 69cm tall and weighing in between 50 and 90 kilograms, the Boerboel is the canine version of Eben Etsebeth; brave, loyal, not scared of a fight and intimidating […]

The Basenji – The Barkless dog of Africa

Whilst it is said that the Basenji can not bark, it is known for the unusual yodeling sound they make, when they have something to say. An ancient breed originating from the Congo, they are renowned for their speed and ability to both scent and sight hunt. Originally used to flush small game into hunters’ […]

African Lion Dog – Rhodesian Ridgeback

As a proudly “local-is-lekker” company, we thought we would share some information on one of South Africa’s dog breeds, the iconic Rhodesian Ridgeback loved for its bravery and protective instinct and revered for its ability to assist hunters with their hunt for lions, and of course its iconic ridge. Brave enough to keep distracting and […]

Splish, Splash, I was takin a bath!

Some dogs love baths, while others look they are being dragged to a horrible end. Have you ever wondered why your dogs gets the zoomies after a bath, whether they love it or not? Zoomies don’t only occur after a bath, they often occur for no apparent reason, but whatever the cause the comical way […]

Sweet Dreams are made of This

Even if your pampered pooch sleeps in your bed with you, they should still have their own, or multiple beds that are solely theirs. If you work from home, having a bed in multiple rooms means not having to move one around wherever you go. For those who are particularly lifestyle and décor conscious, beds […]

It’s all in the nose!

A dog’s nose is made up of the rhinarium, which is the textured skin covering the nose and makes up your dog’s unique fingerprint, as well as being crammed with pressure and temperature sensors. The rhinarium is moist, giving the nose its beautiful black shiny appearance, which people have long believed is an indicator of […]

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