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We started making custom order beds in 2008.

 With a small website, a dedicated director and family for support, we’ve migrated to several shopping platforms and this flavour was launched in 2018. Our catalogue might not be as big as some get-a-lot retailers, but our stuff is made (or sourced) with love.


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"Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you."

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Good day
I've bought the Exclusive Hammock Car Seat Cover for the following reasons:
- We've inherited our daughter's 2 dogs (2 years old)
- My husband's resistance to have dogs in his vehicles
- The distances we have to travel (always more than 750 km)

Our first long distance travel with the dogs will be the coming weekend and my husband installed the cover about an hour ago.

I received a call from him, yelling "this cover is the best thing you've ever bought online, I love it, the dogs will be safe and my car will not be damaged!" He absolutely love the cover! I will post pictures next week.

Regards, Ronelle, Kylo and Yoko
Ronelle v.
It’s not just a cosmetic solution, it’s a safety one, as well. My dogs take every opportunity to hop on my lap, even when I’m driving. With the hammock, they’re confined to the back. Thanks to two adjustable harnesses, they can’t jump over, either.

Full disclosure: my dogs are naughty. They love having the windows down, but they’ll jump out at a red traffic light to chase a squirrel. The harness gives me absolute peace-ofmind that the two scoundrels can’t go anywhere until we arrive at the park.
SA 4x4 Overland Magazine

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