The Muttley Crew – Beach Babes Part 1

If you are going to buy one harness for your dog, then this should be the harness that you consider. The pricing is well on point for the quality, durability and benefits experienced with this harness. This is ideal for dogs or breeds with known spinal and / or cervical issues, think of the Dachsie, Great Danes, Schnauzers. It is also quite literally a life saver with Brachycephalic breeds.

When High Visibility is a must – The Muttley Crew

Do you have a hugely active dog, who just never seems to get enough exercise? Breeds like the Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, Collies, Kelpies and many others have a very high need for movement to keep them physically and mentally happy. Camouflage dogs The other challenge, is certain breeds like the Dutchie, Kelpie, and Mali, can […]

Out and About with the Muttley Crew

On the 1st of July 2022, we had our first photoshoot with the Muttley Crew. We needed to get our feet wet, with how we all work as a team, how the dogs would react to all the different products, from Jackets to Backpacks and just about everything in between. Success! African dogs, highlighted in […]

Is your dog ok wearing Clothes and Safety Equipment?

Muttley Crew Know How The Muttley Crew, as we have mentioned previously, is made up of a group of rescue dogs and their significant humans. With rescues we are never really certain what good or bad things they have experienced in life, and what will trigger fear associated behaviour or not. Taking the time for […]

Introducing the Adventures of “The Muttley Crew”

Meet the Team – Part Two The other two members of the Muttley Crew live with their mum Jess and dad Leroy (our resident photographer) on a nearby farm, and enjoy almost daily playdates and adventures with the others. Aragon, AKA Arry, Barry, Basil, Lumps, or anything but NOT Harry, is a five-year-old Jack Russell […]

Introducing the Adventures of “The Muttley Crew”

Meet the Team – Part One DogOnline is proud to present our own team of quality control specialists. The Muttley Crew will test a range of RDD products on as many awesome adventures as their hooman families can manage, we will post videos, photos and give first hand reviews on how the products work for […]

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