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Tis the Season of Itchy Skin & Ears

Dogs can have itchy skin for a variety of reasons, as owners of many fur kids, we find that food and seasonal related allergies the hardest to deal with. Watching your special child scratch incessantly, sometimes till they bleed is incredibly stressful and obviously painful for them, corticosteroids and antibiotics are often prescribed and do provide relief, but they have side effects of their own, and many owners nowadays really only want to use them as a last resort.

WamPum is a well known and trusted proudly South African range, with all ingredients selected with your pet’s wellbeing in mind. The focus is on skin and coat health and condition, in formulations that have proven to be highly effective and long lasting.

Shampoos were not allowed to make the skin flake or make my animals scratch at all.  I will not use fragrance in animal products as not only are they allergic to the essentials oils in fragrances, but it masks their most crucial organ, their sense of smell.

Dr Heidi Rolfes PhD PrEng FCI All Breeds Judge

WamPum Soothing Skin Spray

The WamPum Soothing Skin Spray contains 4 skin actives, 2 natural ones and two conventional medicinal ones: comfrey extract, witch hazel extract, salicylic acid and allantoin.  It can be used safely with any other medication.  It is water-based so there is no residual cream base for the dog to keep licking at. Founder Heidi Rolfes says, “The Spray completely solves 85% of all skin itching cases and alleviates the balance to a very large extent.”

If your fur child is itching up a storm, then buy the spray here.

WamPum Antiseptic Ear Powder

Yeasty, smelly ears are not great for us and certainly not wonderful for our dogs. Some dogs (mostly those with floppy ears and a fair amount of ear hair, are prone to this such as Poodles, Spaniels and avid swimmers such as Labrador Retrievers can all battle. Swimming can leave water behind in the ear, creating the perfect environment for yeasts and other nasties to thrive.

The Wampum Ear Powder not only allows you to pull the little hairs out of the ears(in reeds like Spaniels and Poodles) but the residue of the powder left behind will absorb all moisture and kill all bacteria and fungus that grow in the closed warm ear environment. In dogs with less hairy ears, a little sprinkling of the powder after cleaning the ear, does the trick.


Apply a small pinch into the ear opening.  Remove excess hair.  Clean the ear thoroughly leaving a little antiseptic powder residue behind to keep the ear dry and bacteria free.


Always clean ears gently with oil and not with water-based products.

If your dog’s ears make you want to gag then buy the Ear Powder here.

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