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Skin Disorders – The Short Guide

How we can help!!! The bane of many an owner’s life and pet’s comfort and even quality of life, Atopic dermatitis (or atopy) is an inflammatory, chronic skin condition associated with environmental allergies and is the second most common allergic skin condition diagnosed in dogs.

Tis the Season of Itchy Skin & Ears

Dogs can have itchy skin for a variety of reasons, as owners of many fur kids, we find that food and seasonal related allergies the hardest to deal with. WamPum is a well known and trusted proudly South African range, with all ingredients selected with your pet’s wellbeing in mind. The focus is on skin and coat health and condition, in formulations that have proven to be highly effective and long lasting.

Gummy Treats for Dogs

Who doesn’t love a gummy type sweet? If your dog stares at you imploringly when you eat sweets and you wish you could share, then these recipes are for you. Healthy Treats The unflavoured and unsweetened gelatin in these treats, may have health benefits for your pet’s skin. Many believe that it helps coat and […]

The Muttley Crew – Beach Babes Part 1

If you are going to buy one harness for your dog, then this should be the harness that you consider. The pricing is well on point for the quality, durability and benefits experienced with this harness. This is ideal for dogs or breeds with known spinal and / or cervical issues, think of the Dachsie, Great Danes, Schnauzers. It is also quite literally a life saver with Brachycephalic breeds.

Basset Hounds, a.. or asset?

Believe it or not, the long held belief that Bassets are dumb is not true. They don’t waste energy on anything and are easily distracted by scents, but hey, that’s what they are bred for. When you measure dogs according to instinctive intelligence, then Bassets are right up there with the rest of the Einsteins. […]

Homemade Dog Treats

So many people are returning to simpler times, growing their own vegetables, keeping chickens for eggs and making toys and treats for their dogs and cats. An internet search provides a wide variety of recipes, making it really easy to choose a recipe based on your available ingredients, your dog’s known likes and dislikes and […]

RDD Life Jacket saves Puppy

On this morning, Anthea’s worst fear came true, Cooper fell in the swimming pool. Thanks to her life jacket, she was kept afloat until Anthea could grab her by the safety handles and lift her out.

The Azawakh – Speed and Stamina

The elegant but aloof Azawakh, is able to reach a maximum speed of 64km/hour, if you blink, you really could miss them. Known for their speed and stamina, they are able to run down game such as hares and antelope.

When High Visibility is a must – The Muttley Crew

Do you have a hugely active dog, who just never seems to get enough exercise? Breeds like the Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, Collies, Kelpies and many others have a very high need for movement to keep them physically and mentally happy. Camouflage dogs The other challenge, is certain breeds like the Dutchie, Kelpie, and Mali, can […]

Did you know: 10 amazing dog facts

1. Dog’s Speed vs Going the Distance A Greyhound can outrun a Cheetah over a long distance, over shorter distances, the Cheetah rules with a top speed of between 110 to 120km/h 2. NOSEiD – Your dog’s noseprint as an identification method IAMS launched their NOSEiD app in 2021. Dog owners can download the app […]

What’s in a Paw?

Did you know that dogs’ paws have shock absorbers, a built in brake, stabilizers and insulation?

The Aïdi – the Atlas Mountain Dog

If you haven’t heard of the Aïdi, you are not alone. It is also known as the Berber and Chien de l’Atlas and it is an African breed that was developed in Morocco, to protect its owners (Northern Berber and other nomadic tribes) and their flocks (sheep and goats) from predators in the Atlas mountains […]

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