Did you know: 10 amazing dog facts

1. Dog’s Speed vs Going the Distance

A Greyhound can outrun a Cheetah over a long distance, over shorter distances, the Cheetah rules with a top speed of between 110 to 120km/h

2. NOSEiD – Your dog’s noseprint as an identification method

IAMS launched their NOSEiD app in 2021. Dog owners can download the app from the Apple store or Google Play and create a profile for their pooch, which includes a scan of said pooch’s nose. The app’s, first-of-its-kind nose-scanning smartphone technology – captures their unique noseprint along with photos and a physical description of their canine. Unfortunately it is still only available in Nashville, USA. Who knows maybe a dog loving techno genius will read this and decide that SA needs one too…., there are millions of dogs who would thank you!

3. Sweaty Paws a Blessing

Dog’s only have sweat glands on their paws. The air exchange when panting along with the evaporation of moisture from their tongue, helps cool them down, as does lying tummy down in Spatchcock pose on a cool surface.

4. Yip van Winkle – Do Dog’s Dream?

Dog’s do dream and scientists believe that they dream similarly to the way do. We have all seen our pets whimpering or running while fast asleep. Research conducted on rats, has lead scientists to believe that dogs do in fact replay things from their day in their dreams, just like we do.

5. Multitasking nose

Dogs can sniff and breath at the same time. When sniffing, dogs’ noses are designed so that air can move in and out at the same time, creating a continuous circulation of air, unlike humans who have to either breathe in or out only.

6. Canine Intelligence Quotient

According to canine researcher and author Stanley Coren, dogs are as smart as a two year old child. According to Coren, dogs can count, understand more than 160 words (the brainiacs can understand up to 250) and even trick humans and other pets to get more treats. (Think about the dog who runs outside and barks, gets their friends to go out as well, and quickly doubles back and steals the treats for themselves, smart huh!) Intelligence also varies based on breed—Border collies are the smartest dog breed according to his book, “The Intelligence of Dogs”.

7. Talking of Tails

We all assume that a wagging tail means a happy dog. There is a whole host of research for the different types of tail wags, a whole new language that we knew nothing about. According to Discovery.com, a right handed tail wag means happiness, left handed means they r scared, A low wag shows insecurity, while a rapid stiff wag can warn of aggression.

8. Frito Feet

Ever sniffed your dog’s feet and thought that they smelt like Fritos, mielies or popcorn? This is a sign that sweat and bacteria have built up on their paws.

9. When a Yawn is not a Yawn as we know it

Dogs may yawn because they are tired, especially when they are relaxed and spend a lot of time with their human, learning routines such as “bedtime”. Yawning can also be a sign of anxiety and tension, likened to a cat’s purr being self soothing.

10. Butt sniffing, the doggy handshake

A dog’s anal glands secrete all pheromones which hold all sorts of information about a dog, like sex, health and even diet. A dog’s butt sniff is akin to our once over glance or hand shake, the canine version of getting or making a first impression.

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