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Out and About with the Muttley Crew

On the 1st of July 2022, we had our first photoshoot with the Muttley Crew. We needed to get our feet wet, with how we all work as a team, how the dogs would react to all the different products, from Jackets to Backpacks and just about everything in between. Success!

African dogs, highlighted in an African sunset, wearing proudly South African Products

This is not one of the professional photos, just a cellphone shot, because who can resist gorgeous dogs in a stunning sunset!

This was a rapid cell phone snap, as Leroy the photographer was hard at work, photographing, Alfie, Barry and Panda Bear. Boots is wearing the RDD Doggy Backpack for the first time and was not phased at all by its shape or size. This is a medium, but because of adjustability of the straps and the ability to zip the top of the backpack closed and make it smaller, or open it and have additional pockets, it still fitted her well, and stayed secure and balanced on her back, even when she was galoomping around.

A galoomping Oompah loompah, with a very secure Doggy Backpack

Rapidly waning light

A series of challenges with work, travel etc meant that we got a later start than planned, not great for the photographer, when the sun drops so rapidly this time of year. The dogs couldn’t have cared less, they all enjoyed a case of the zoomies, and have shown quite clearly that we can plan for proper adventures now.

Jasi sporting the high visibility, lightweight, breathable Jogger / Walker Vest

RDD Products tested and fun was had by all

Alfie and Floofball Piranha (Shy) having a blast

In spite of the challenges, we got to try out products on most of the dogs (we have to keep some surprises coming for you). Some of the dogs, like Shy and Raisin need to be eased into wearing more than a harness, who knows we may even share their journey to confidence with jackets and accessories with you!

RDD Dezigner Carry Bags

Pandadora’s face says it all

Panda Bear was born with a silver spoon in her mouth , and took a “drop” in living standards when she came to live with her human. A York Russ, she is typically a breed that would be seen in a designer bag on the streets of New York, carried by a doting celebrity or wannabe celebrity owner.

Panda Bear proves her designer dog status by loving the fact that she was carried in comfort, and stayed heads above the big dogs. This particular carrier is the Denim Carrier, suitable for more rough and ready adventures, or a child wanting to carry their dog everywhere.

You can also look at more luxurious carriers, suitable for a lunch date with your BFFs:

The Carry Bags are all beautifully designed, with varying degrees of “closability”, including safety features such as a clip for the harness or collar to prevent your precious pooch from disappearing on you. Of course left unattended, with the more open carriers, you may well be chasing said precious pooch AND your dezigner carrier down the road rather than enjoying the company of BFFs who lunch.

Carriers like the Platinum bag, are stylish and practical and close completely, and also have added ventilation to keep the precious pups n the style that they and their owners are accustomed to..

RDD Denim Carrier Review

We thought that you may appreciate, a real down to the bones review of the carrier. As you can see from the photo above, Panda Bear’s smile clearly shows how much she loved her “Bag with a view”.

It is incredibly well constructed for comfort, durability and longevity. The stitch seams are beautifully straight and stitching fine and evenly spaced, giving a neat finish to all edges and helping to maintain the integrity and shape of the carrier. Think of how much you love the comfort and feel of your favourite jeans, the finish and style of this bag evokes the same response.

The handles are anatomically shaped, to allow you to carry your pup with ease. Just wide enough at the narrowest portion over the shoulder, to “spread the load” without feeling like your carrier is wearing you.

The three pockets are useful for storing all sorts of necessary items

The front, apart from the quirky “Very Bad Dog” mugshot, has three pockets of varying size and depth. Easily able to carry a medium size purse, sunglasses, lipstick and / or lip ice, some tissues and even your cellphone, while the belt loops provide you with space to clip your keys, leaving your hands free for a cocktail or three.

Squisahble factor

The base of the bag, retains its shape even without the reinforced and well padded cushion. The squishability of the insert ensures your precious pooch’s bottom is comfy, even when sitting for a while.

Swivel clip on elasticated safety lead

Stitched into the bottom side seam is an elasticated “lead” with a lightweight swivel clip on the end. This serves as your safety clip to prevent any runaway pups. It is long enough to allow your pup to sit up in the bag and comfortably look out without pulling on their necks.

A well padded bag with shorter zip, keeping the “Bag with a view” vibe

The zip portion extends over half of the length of the bag, the shape of the bag allows your pet to stick their head out and enjoy the view and fresh air. The zip is of a good quality and is easy to do up and undo, running smoothly throughout its length.

The bag is padded like the insert, it retains its shape beautifully and provides the same comfort as a basket, should your tired pup choose to curl up and have a zzzzz.

The only caution, that comes to mind with this carrier is the weight of your pet, not because the carrier is lightweight, rather because you may not be comfortable carrying a portly pet for too long. Panda Bear weighs around 10 kgs, anything heavier deserves to walk on its own four feet. It is charming and tough and suitable for picnics, days at the beach and play dates with children.

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