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What does our Dog’s sleeping position tell us about them?

Our dog’s sleeping positions tell us a lot about how they are feeling and gives us an insight into their personality type. From the vetkoek, to the spatchcock, we can guarantee you know a dog that fits one or more of the descriptions.

The Sprawler

This sleeping position tells you that your mutt feels safe, relaxed and at the perfect temperature, neither too hot, or too cold but just right. Sounds a bit like a familiar fairy tale, doesn’t it… The Sprawler sleeps on their side, with their legs stretched out and almost melt into their bed.

Sprawlers are trusting and loyal, they are happy to sleep anywhere (picture them in that warm patch of winter sun). Although they will catch their zzzzz’s just about anywhere, but like all canny canines, prefer the comfort of their own beds. Zzzz’s in this position often show signs of deep sleep, with twitching, sleep running and yipping showing that their trip to lala land is a pleasant one.

The Sprawler doesn’t want to be to confined, rectangular beds and mats, whether for indoors or outdoors , are their go to style.

The Spatchcock or Nandos

In true Safrican style, Nando’s immediately conjures up the spatchcock position of this canine zizzer. Their tummies are pressed to the floor and in the most supple of yoga poses, their legs extend out in front and behind them.

Experts tell us that the Nando’s dog is tired but ready to play the minute you say the word. They are playful, and energetic and will run until they splat into position on any surface. The Nando’s dog, like their namesake, pushes boundaries in the best way possible, always ready for action.

The Spatchcock, will sleep anytime, anywhere, the often prefer beds from which the can make a speedy exit

The Lion King

The almost sphinx like pose of the Lion King is very fitting for dogs living in Africa. With their head resting on their front legs and back legs tucked underneath them, they are protective and loving, completely devoted to their family. Their sleeping position allows them to rest but be back in the action at a moment’s notice, no preparation required.

The Lion King dog will often sleep at your feet or in a doorway, in a “guarding” position, you will also often see this pose, with working dogs such as Collies, when they take a break out in the field when working with sheep.

The Lion King appreciates a bit of luxury to rest their hard working bones. They will sleep in any bed as long as it is large enough for their preferred sleeping position.

The Vetkoek

Non Safricans would probably prefer the term “The Doughnut”, here in Saffer land, a Vetkoek sums up the dog who likes to sleep curled up tightly in a ball. This can easily be a sign that the dog is cold and is trying to conserve body heat, especially if they have their nose tucked under their tail or paw.

Vetkoeks are often caring dogs, with an anxious nature. Small breed dogs often prefer to sleep in this position, possibly because their diminutive size leaves them more vulnerable to attack. The Vetkoek ensures that the vulnerable tummy area is protected.

The Vetkoek, as one would expect, loves round beds, it makes them feel secure without being contained in a space and they can still see everything around them. Texture is also very important to the Vetkoek, faux fur can be reminiscent of snuggling with their mother and litter mates.

The Dead Ant

We can never make up our minds whether the DA is brave, stupid or supremely confident. Often seen when they are lying baking in the sun, the DA elicits many an aah on the cuteness meter. Lying on their backs with their legs in the air (sometimes with their heads hanging off whatever they are sleeping on (stairs, a chair), the DA exhibits complete trust and relaxation in their surroundings.

When your dog adopts the DA pose indoors, experts tell us that they are using the position to help cool off. As dogs sweat through their paws, and their bellies are like miniature heaters, the air moving over them keeps them cool.

The Dead Ant will quite literally sleep ANYWHERE, we are not even going to try assist you with this one. Whatever you buy, they will love you dearly.

The Velcro Dog

The Velcro dog is one who has to touch you at all times when sleeping, the most extreme form of “velcroism” is the need to lie like the Nando’s dog with their tummy or back flush against your body.

The Velcro dog shows complete trust in and affection for their human or animal cuddle partner and this form of snuggling is to be highly valued in winter as they keep you warm enough to save on your Eishkom bill. In summer you may find yourself playing hide and seek in your bed as you try to cool down away from them.

The Velcro Dog, does incredibly well with any living warm being to snuggle up to. If you are not happy to pay for a permanent puppy cuddle partner, while you earn a living, then providing them with snugglesome beds is the way to go. They may also like more den like beds to give a feeling of security and warmth, they may even like their own small house, with warm blankets to nest in.

The Mole

As the name suggests, the Mole is a dog who likes to sleep burrowed under whatever, albeit other pooches, blankets and even toys. According to the experts, the Mole is a dog who is searching for comfort and security, burrowing may act in a similar fashion to the “thunder shirt” to calm them down. Studies have shown that “Thunder Shirts“, and the gentle pressure that they provide, eases the behaviour of nervous dogs. They are generally incredibly affectionate dogs dogs, but quite needy and often insecure. To make your Mole happy, add blankets to their bed, that they can burrow underneath and sleep in their own little pocket of peace and quiet.

You can also provide beds like the Nookie Bag where they can burrow to their heart’s content. Sleeping Bags, in varying textures also create a haven for the Mole.

Which sleeping position does your dog prefer? Leave us on a message Facebook or Instagram or contact us directly and tell us which bed your dog loves and why.

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