Introducing the Adventures of “The Muttley Crew”

Meet the Team – Part Two

The other two members of the Muttley Crew live with their mum Jess and dad Leroy (our resident photographer) on a nearby farm, and enjoy almost daily playdates and adventures with the others. Aragon, AKA Arry, Barry, Basil, Lumps, or anything but NOT Harry, is a five-year-old Jack Russell x Kelpie who was rescued by his family at four months old. Barry is the ultimate adventure dog, and craves all things extreme. His first priority is to protect his mum, and he is fabulous at his job, but if she seems safe enough he will take some time off to dig for moles or play with his brother.

Barry our poster boy, because let’s face it, who can resist that face!

Alfie (Alfred or Al-floof or Floof-butt) is Barry’s younger brother, he looks like a collie and might be anything between 1 and 2 years old. Alfie came across Barry and his family while they were hiking in the snowy mountains near the Prince Alfred pass. He became part of the family immediately – playing with Barry and charming Jess and Leroy with his round-eyed look of utter adoration. He was so playful and happy that it took them some time to notice that there was actually something severely wrong with his leg. After an afternoon of searching for his owner, it was decided that Alfie had to come home with Barry and his family, with a trip to the vet en route. That was last winter, so Alfie has been enjoying his new home for a year now and its like he has been there for ever. He loves swimming and running and playing, like all collies, and his leg, which two vets said would never fully heal, is as good as new!

Al-floof shows clearly where he gets his name from
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