K9 Adventures and keeping them SAFE

With most striving to live a healthier lifestyle, the focus on outdoor exercise such as hiking, running, cycling and rollerblading to name a few, is at an all time high. Added to this, most outdoor enthusiasts LOVE dogs and take their K9s on their adventures with them.

Why use Safety Clothing?

Just like humans, dogs can get lost when out on a hike, distracted by a scent, noise or sight of an animal, they may run off and depending on the terrain, may not be so easy to see. DogOnline offers 3 specialist safety items for your adventurous buddy. It is important when choosing safety gear for your dog, to ensure a good fit, high visibility, quick release clips where needed and that fabric and design are fit for use.

The Breathable Reflective Jogger / Walker Jacket

The High Visibility and Reflective Jogger / Walker Jacket

Just like most runners and cyclists wear some form of reflective gear, so should your dog. Their height and colouring, probably means that they are nearly invisible to most drivers and cyclists until it is too late. Should your dog slip their collar, at least you have the peace of mind of knowing that everyone should be able to spot them easily and avoid a tragedy.

Made from breathable lightweight high-visibility green or orange fabric, with reflective strips to ensure that your precious pup is visible to all, especially on those early winter morning runs.
Cool breathable material in a Variety of sizes
The straps are lined with velcro for easy opening and closing. As an additional safety feature, should your dog get loose and the jacket hooks on a branch or fence, the velcro will pull free, preventing your dog from being trapped and possibly strangled.

Car Seat Belt Clip-in Car Safety Harness

We worry about the safety of all humans in cars, why should our dogs be any different. In any accident where rapid deceleration takes place or the vehicle rolls a loose dog is at risk of serious injury or death, and a danger to people in the car as they get flung around. One way of securing your pet safely in a car, is to fit a well fitted harness, specially designed for this purpose. As with all harnesses and jackets, measuring your pupper correctly is important for their safety and comfort.

Car Seat Belt Safety Harness in Blue

The Car Safety Harness is made from durable webbing, and incorporates a padded chest piece to protect the sternum from excessive bruising should there be an accident. The step in harness is easily adjusted for proper fit and closes with a quick release clip on either side of the body. The lead has a harness clip on one side and a seatbelt clip on the other, allowing your dog to be properly secured on the seat.

Advanced Dog Life Jacket

Advanced Dog Life Jacket

Even the best swimmers can get into trouble, if you take your dogs boating or anywhere near water, then this jacket is for you. The Advanced dog life jacket features brightly coloured materials along with reflective stripes to help ensure safety should an accident occur. Its strong durable construction provides stability during use while its easy fitting design makes this product comfortable for even small dogs. Additionally, the high visibility striping helps prevent pets from becoming camouflaged if they become separated from their owner. A handy carry strap keeps the device close at hand until needed. The classic life jacket for the more experienced swimmer. Unlike old style cumbersome K9 life jackets, the Advanced Life Jacket has been designed to hold its shape well and not become a hindrance to your pet. It’s a new type of life jacket that has been designed to be worn by your dog while swimming in water (fresh water springs, rivers, ponds, the ocean etc.). It has a sturdy handle to help your dog get in and out of the water without too much effort on his or her part. Two handles are provided for the larger dogs, to spread their weight more evenly. It also includes a well padded chest piece, to prevent any damage to the chest and throat area, should you need to grab your dog out of harm’s way.

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