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K9 Adventures and keeping them SAFE

With most striving to live a healthier lifestyle, the focus on outdoor exercise such as hiking, running, cycling and rollerblading to name a few, is at an all time high. Added to this, most outdoor enthusiasts LOVE dogs and take their K9s on their adventures with them. Why use Safety Clothing? Just like humans, dogs […]

Splish, Splash, I was takin a bath!

Some dogs love baths, while others look they are being dragged to a horrible end. Have you ever wondered why your dogs gets the zoomies after a bath, whether they love it or not? Zoomies don’t only occur after a bath, they often occur for no apparent reason, but whatever the cause the comical way […]

Sweet Dreams are made of This

Even if your pampered pooch sleeps in your bed with you, they should still have their own, or multiple beds that are solely theirs. If you work from home, having a bed in multiple rooms means not having to move one around wherever you go. For those who are particularly lifestyle and décor conscious, beds […]

It’s all in the nose!

A dog’s nose is made up of the rhinarium, which is the textured skin covering the nose and makes up your dog’s unique fingerprint, as well as being crammed with pressure and temperature sensors. The rhinarium is moist, giving the nose its beautiful black shiny appearance, which people have long believed is an indicator of […]

photo of dogs near fence

3 Tips how to avoid dogs fence fighting

What is Spot thinking? He knows Jack next door?! While this frightening display seems like aggression, much of the time this behaviour is rooted in fear, overexcitement, stress, anxiety or frustration. Some experts describe this behaviour as “barrier frustration”, “barrier reactivity” or “barrier aggression”. Yes it’s the dog fight that’s really hard to avoid: dogs […]

brown dog on water with stick on its mouth

Don’t all dogs know how to swim?

Don’t all dogs know how to swim? Although this seems like a basic question not all dogs are the best swimmers! Although most dogs will instinctively start the “doggy paddle” when afloat, not all dogs float the same. Larger breeds are typically better swimmers, with larger paws and stronger legs able to push water away […]

What is Hydrotherapy? Free expert advice in this interview

Have you ever wondered about the swimming exercises at the gym? Today we interview Alison from Doggy Paddle, who explains what kinds of water therapy they do, and how beneficial it is for a dog! I must admit I always thought most dogs could swim, but after our interview, I see how beneficial a quick […]

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