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Even if your pampered pooch sleeps in your bed with you, they should still have their own, or multiple beds that are solely theirs. If you work from home, having a bed in multiple rooms means not having to move one around wherever you go. For those who are particularly lifestyle and décor conscious, beds can be chosen for your pampered pup’s comfort and welfare as well as to suit each room’s design ethos.

Beds can be chosen to be a simple mattress, or something as luxurious as our Furton, which let’s face it, i wouldn’t mind snuggling up in on those cold winter evenings. When you consider that your average pup spends up to 14 hours a day sleeping, their bed becomes an integral part of their health, comfort and wellbeing.

Covers, or the whole bed, should be washable as regular (preferably weekly) washing, discourages parasites, odour and skin issues related to very greasy skinned dogs, such as some hound breeds. Nowadays even our furkids can be socially correct with our Vegan Furton and Sleeping Bags, and designer chic too.

Beds or mattresses help to support old and arthritic joints, they provide a sense of ownership and a secure “space” for your K9. Their bed can travel with them on road trips, providing a comforting smell of home, while on the road.

Fun Facts:

  • Bed dragging – apart from a bored puppy or an under stimulated working breed, most dogs will drag their beds to be closer to their preferred human, a leftover from pack instinct when closeness meant survival, warmth and security. Sometimes it is a complaint that their bed was either too hot or cold and they will move it to a preferred spot.
  • Blanket mounding and snuffling – Guess what? We can thank their ancestors for this habit. They used to mound leaves and grasses to make comfortable and probably warmer or cooler (depending on the material chosen), beds to snuggle into. Burrowing into blankets can also create a sense of security as well as warmth on a cold day.
  • Crazy sleep positions – are often a sign of your dog’s trust in their environment, exhaustion from loads of play, snuggle time or temperature control.
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