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Splish, Splash, I was takin a bath!

Some dogs love baths, while others look they are being dragged to a horrible end. Have you ever wondered why your dogs gets the zoomies after a bath, whether they love it or not?

Zoomies don’t only occur after a bath, they often occur for no apparent reason, but whatever the cause the comical way our dogs zoot around is cause for much hilarity and pleasure. Characterized mostly by a tucked tail and scooted under hindlegs, while the front legs madly grab ground and the tongue lolls out of their mouths, and they run madly in circles, has many thinking that their dogs have quite simply gone mad!

Zoomies, so the experts tell us, happen when there is a sudden release of excess energy, they even have a fancy name for it, Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPS),quite frankly, “The Zoomies” sounds a LOT more fun. In the bathing game, post bath zoomies could literally mean “I survived, I’m alive!!!!”.

Fun Facts:

  • Zoomies may be triggered by a time of day, morning or evening excitement.
  • They may be triggered by the appearance of the zoomsters favourite hooman.
  • In very hot climates, cooler more comfortable weather may trigger a case too.
  • Zoomies are natural behaviour and no cause for concern, UNLESS they are constant and a possible indicator of a larger behavioural problem.
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