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Introducing the Adventures of “The Muttley Crew”

Meet the Team – Part One

DogOnline is proud to present our own team of quality control specialists. The Muttley Crew will test a range of RDD products on as many awesome adventures as their hooman families can manage, we will post videos, photos and give first hand reviews on how the products work for us, in activities like hiking, swimming, game watching and whatever other exciting adventures we can up with. Keep a close eye on the adventures of the Muttley Crew, as we will have the odd item going up for a special discount, based on the adventures it has seen and the stories it can tell…

The Muttley Crew members come from two families, the first being home to 5 Muttley’s. First up is Pandora aka Pandadora, Pandorable and Panda Bear. Panda is a 9 almost 10 year old York Russell (mommy is a highly pedigreed Jack Russell and daddy is a tall Yorkie from up the road), born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she has lived a more “normal” life with her second hooman.

Panda Bear is just the best, a bundle of naïve innocence and love. Happy to curl up on your lap while you read, and equally as gung ho for adventures. She swims, rats, rides horses and keeps up with the whole pack when they go out on horse rides. She is braver than her size should allow and gives her mom plenty of grey hairs, worrying about accidental meetings with the local wildlife, as she snuffles under bushes and fearlessly follows where Jasi goes.

Panda Bear, a lap dog with the heart of a lion

Boots aka Oompah Loompah, is an Africanis and almost 9 years old. A rescue, she was adopted from the local SPCA along with Raisin. Boots is a real life Scooby doo, not the bravest or most adventurous, but incredibly loving and loyal. She tootles around at her own pace, and on rides with the horses is rather like an old tractor, she never quits, trundling along getting to where she needs to be eventually. She loves attention and is a bottomless pit for love and cuddles.

Boots, a real life Scooby Doo

Raisin is our next Muttley, she is also an Africanis, 6 months younger than Boots and far less demanding for loves and cuddles. She makes a very good shadow, always quietly in sight or touching distance with her hooman mom. She is the mommy of the group and will take any baby creature on as her own, having raised injured birds and two kittens. Raisin’s biggest quandary in life, is that she is not a huge fan of car rides, but does love the adventures that car rides lead to… Farm life has helped her find her inner puppy and she has far more fun now than she used to, she loves exploring and has even been known to pick up a speed wobble or two when she catches an interesting scent.

Raisin, mommy dog to all

Jasiri aka Jasi, goofball, goofball velociraptor and Jas. Is approximately 18 months old and is Dutch Shepherd X, although judging by her sheer muscle power and speed she is a k9 bullet. Her hooman is so grateful to have been able to adopt her with Shy, they are just the most adventurous and funny pair. They had a fairly rough start in life and it took them a little while to come out of their shells and show their personalities. Jasi has an intensity of focus that is not seen in many dogs, coupled with the most beautiful yellow eyes, her intense stare lets you know that she sees everything. Jasi is the Ferrari of the group, unbelievable speed and power and just the biggest goofball puppy ever. She loves to swim, hike, RUN, go on outrides with the horses and play with her buddies, and did we say RUN.

Jasiri, fearless watch dog and all round goof ball

Last but not least is the youngest, one year old Cheyenne, aka Shy, Floofball and Floofball Piranha. Shy by name and shy by nature, she chose her own name the night she arrived. A Malinois / Collie or Retriever, she has the silkiest coat to go with her soft nature. Shy is an incredibly loving pup, who LOVES to swim, keeping her out of water is just about impossible. She is unbelievably loyal and kind, and a little bit of an airhead, her favourite game is to chase butterflies as the flit over the fields. Watching a floofball flit this way and that, whilst watching flutterbies in the air, is incredibly entertaining. Her favourite sleeping position is on her back with her tongue sticking out (captured by her hooman in a multitude of photos), she is also a shoe stealing dingbat (said with lots of love), her idea of punishment, when her hooman goes out, is to carry shoes to the gate and leave them in the sand (yes as a younger puppy she chewed them and always only one of a pair), but we love her anyway.

Shy and Monkey
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